Meetings at Shanghai Hotel Holland

As a renowned business hotel in Delft, Shanghai Hotel Holland offers excellent facilities for organizing meetings and workshops. All meeting rooms are equipped with high speed wireless internet (WiFi) to which visitors have unlimited access. 


Business customers of Shanghai Hotel Holland always value customized solutions with meeting packages or meeting breaks. Special requests and tailor-made options are usually the rule and not the exception. 
Therefore the options and rates only serve as a guideline. 

Shanghai Hotel Holland

Meeting rooms

Shanghai Standard
(temporarily unavailable)


± 24 m²  WiFi available  Max occupancy 6 pers. 
  • Flexible table setup 

  • Separate break-out area optional 

  • Can be combined with the Boardroom  









Shanghai Grand
± 116 m²  WiFi available  Max occupancy 100 pers. 
  • Flexible table setup 

  • Plenty of natural light 

  • Includes audiovisual equipment: 
    beamer + screen, speakers, 
    amplifier, microphone and LCD TV 


Shanghai Boardroom± 48 m²  WiFi available  Max occupancy 16 pers. 
  • Fixed table setting

  • Comfortable chairs

  • Pleasant light workspace










Floor PlanMeeting Room Delft

The meeting rooms located on the 3rd floor. The Shanghai Boardroom has a fixed layout from which cannot be deviated. 

Shanghai Hotel Holland

Meeting breaks

Relaxing in between meeting sessions is important. It gives participants the opportunity to unwind, network and to socially interact. This can contribute to retention and improve motivation and thereby increase the overall productivity during your meeting. Please inform about our options.

Shanghai Hotel Holland

Coffee breaks Coffee breaks

Korte pauzes kunnen vergezeld worden van hartige, gezonde en zoete snacks. Naast onze basis koffiepauze, bieden wij de volgende twee opties: 

Coffee breaks




  • Coffee, tea and ice water 

  • Fruit juices (orange/apple) 

  • Fresh hand fruit 

  • Biscuits 

  • Savory snack 





  • Coffee, tea and ice water 

  • Fruit juices (orange/apple) 

  • Soft drinks 

  • Fresh hand fruit 

  • Sweet snack 

  • Savory snack 

  • Biscuits